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Is the research you're getting coming out of leftfield? We hope so!

LeftField Commodity Research is your data-driven research department for Canadian crop markets, adding confidence to your decision-making.

Our analysis is distinct because it is:

  • Independent and unbiased

  • Starts with farmgate knowledge through the value chain

  • Data-driven with extensive Canadian and global sources

Our research is about the numbers, not opinions. Our goal is to give you the "whats and whys", adding confidence for better decisions. If we don’t accomplish that, we’re not doing our job.

We'd love to see you out in LeftField!

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Notes From LeftField

  • Good News from LeftField

    August 31, 2019

    Chuck Penner, owner of LeftField Commodity Research, is pleased to announce that Jonathon Driedger will be joining him. “With Jon out in LeftField, we’ve gotten a whole lot smarter, added a lot more capacity and more than doubled our capabilities. His extensive expertise will be a great complement to the services LeftField is already providing and will allow us to extend those services,” said Penner.

    Jon was most recently a Senior Market Analyst with FarmLink Marketing Solutions. Prior to that, he worked as an economist for the Winnipeg Commodity Exchange, was a Commodity Risk Management Consultant with FCStone and a nutritionist in the livestock feed industry. Jon attended the University of Manitoba where he obtained a BSc in Agribusiness and an MSc in Agricultural Economics. Currently, he is continuing his studies toward a PhD.

    LeftField Commodity Research provides industry-leading analysis for Canadian crop markets through its three weekly market letters, covering special crops, oilseeds and small grains. LeftField services also include market presentations, proprietary market content and economic research. Chuck Penner is excited about the possibilities. “With Jon adding his considerable skills to LeftField, we can improve and expand those services.”

  • It's (almost) all about the weather

    November 27, 2018

    While we market analysts spent a lot of time yakking about government policy, trade and logistics, the weather easily trumps all other factors in grain, oilseed and special crop markets. And the weather could be the least predictable factor too, especially the location and timing of rain. For example, there’s been a tonne of discussion about the impact of Indian trade policy on pulse markets, but we’re now seeing weather events start to overtake import tariffs as the main market driver. In our view, the best we can do is track weather events (and a few other items), lay out some potential scenarios and suggest possible outcomes.

  • Confessions of a grain market analyst - Part 2

    April 01, 2018

    No matter how smart the person is who does them, grain market forecasts beyond a year out (and even that’s stretching it) aren’t worth the digital ink they’re written with. Sure, they satisfy the accountant’s need to insert a line item in the projected budget but have no purpose beyond that. Most long-term forecasts are glorified trend analysis and real life markets don’t behave that way. Weather is the main driver of grain markets. Throw in a few unpredictable changes to economic or trade policy and you end up with a complete fog. But hey, if you’re looking for a long-term outlook, we’d be happy to provide one. We’ll get the dart board all warmed up.

  • Confessions of a grain market analyst - Part 1

    March 01, 2018

    When it comes to predicting the future for lentil or oat markets, I don’t get answers from on high. I chose the company name “LeftField” for a reason. In agriculture maybe more than any other business, things come out of left field. This year’s pulse market was a good example. We could see pressure building up from large supplies and expected the market to weaken. But we didn't know the Indian government would react like it did. We saw some of these things coming, but not others. Rather than a prophet, maybe "tea leaf reader" is a better description.

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